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Engineering, Procurement & Construction  


SLR Renewables has developed quality partnerships with the best engineers the solar industry has to offer. With our extensive EPC experience and hands on approach, we will help provide our customers with an efficient, reliable and bankable project that will last for many years to come.   



SLR Renewables handles all procurement in-house, with extensive relations with industry leading suppliers our team will ensure every project component complies with industry codes, engineered drawings and local AHJ standards. Our focus is to eliminate costly delays due to incorrect materials, sub-standard quality or inaccurate quantities. 

Compliance: We verify all components are in compliance with project codes and standards. We ensure that all installation strategies will maintain product warranties. 

Sourcing: All components are cross-sourced to ensure our projects receive the correct material on time. 


SLR Renewables keeps all in-house teams and project management to ensure compliance with all project permits and technical requirements. With our self-perform model we can maintain critical project scheduling, quality and safety.   

Safety: Our first and most important goal for every site is safety.

Quality: Install teams are trained to complete each task, while maintaining the highest quality. Each project has a dedicated and trained Quality Assurance officer to ensure project compliance with all applicable codes and standards. 

Schedule: Our team develops realistic expectations and completion strategies to ensure our projects are on time. 


Questions about getting started on your next project?

Project development questions? Design & installation questions? Quality and code compliance questions? Interested in joining the team? We are just a click away! 

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